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Supreme Klean Daily Pre-Tox

  • Helps to accelerate the elimination of toxins
  • Our Stinger Pre-Cleanse Will Help You Pass Your Drug TestSTINGER Daily Detox is recommended as a daily supplement. Use as a preparation to pass your drug test and daily detox maintenance. Each bottle contains 30 tablets, a 1-month supply. STINGER Daily Detox is the indispensable helper that assists with the detoxifying process and helps to clean your urinary system prior to a urine drug test. These capsules are designed to be used in conjunction with Ultra Klean Detox Drinks, Omni Cleansing Detox Liquid, The Stuff Chewable, or Quick Flush Capsules to aid in detoxification and should not be used alone to pass a drug test. The Daily Pretox cleansing capsules are formulated for daily use and are gentle yet effective. Although STINGER Daily Detox will help you get a head start on any emergency detoxification regimen, it is not a replacement for other detox products, but an effective compliment to them. Intended for daily use, this product enhances the effectiveness of one of our other great detox products. Also great for those interested in a maintenance detox program or daily cleansing procedures and a healthy way of life!
    • 100% natural
    • Safety and freshness sealed


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